Although many consumers have expressed concerns about using timeshare resale companies, organizations such as seek to address these issues first-hand. Learn about the most common complaints and their resolutions so that you can make an educated decision on partnering with our company. You can buy and sell timeshares through our timeshare resale market place safely – we’ve proven it over the past two decades.

Common Complaints

“My timeshare will never sell in this economy.”

This is a common concern in the market, especially in recent years, however has not experienced a negative impact or decrease in activity due to the economy. The company’s years of stability proves that despite economic shifts, there are still prospective buyers searching for timeshares. When you advertise with, your timeshare is being exposed to potential buyers through advanced marketing methods. This means your timeshare will have a large viewership and be more likely to sell.

Using the timeshare resale market is also more sensible during tough economic times because so many buyers are looking for ways to save. Plus, the resale market offers buyers the convenience of shopping for timeshares online from the privacy of their own homes without the pressure of pushy timeshare sales presentations.

“I do not want to pay an up-front fee.”

It is understandable that you may be concerned about paying for a service up front. In an effort to be transparent, here is how the pricing model works. charges an advertising subscription fee when you purchase an advertising package. The company invests money, time, and staff members into bringing buyers and renters to, and as a result, the website receives on average more than 10,000 visitors daily from over 200 countries and territories worldwide. The fee gives the company the ability to find the best buyers and help facilitate more transactions so that you can be confident that your advertisement will receive sufficient exposure.

Other companies may claim that they have a buyer waiting, and ask you to pay upfront escrow, closing, or commission costs separately. This is likely a scam, and these fees should not be paid.’s advertising fees are affordable and can even be included in your sale price, so you have the opportunity to recoup some or all of your advertising costs. Also, once you have paid for your advertising package, you will not be surprised by any hidden fees during the length of your subscription. Your subscription details will be included in your contract, which you will be able to read in full before making any payments-this way, you’ll know what you are paying for and what is included.

We do not ask for any up-front closing costs or escrow fees.

When you buy a resale advertising subscription with, be sure to ask your resale specialist about our complementary rental service. This option won’t interfere with the sale of your timeshare, and you may be able to generate some extra revenue while you wait for a buy offer.

“How will my advertisement stand out among so many others?”

You will never be the only person trying to sell a particular timeshare. Remember that for your unit alone, there are around 50 other owners – which adds up to thousands of owners at your resort. This means that there is a lot of competition for the exact same product. However, is your best chance of having your timeshare stand out. We are the leading timeshare resale company in the industry and our site receives more buyer traffic than owner. If you price your timeshare competitively, your advertisement will receive more offers.

“Another company promised me more money if I sell it through them.”

That does sound like a great offer. We certainly understand why you would want to maximize the return on your ownership. This is precisely why has a competitive refund policy in place. If you are able to sell your ownership through another resale company at the same asking price you have advertised with us or higher, we guarantee to reimburse your subscription fee in full. But before you decide to work with another company, we recommend making sure have done your research on this company to make sure they are a recommended business to protect yourself from timeshare scams.

“ does not have a good BBB rating.”

We are members in good standing with other online review platforms such as ConsumerAffairs and Reseller Ratings, where we work with consumers to resolve any complaints and maintain better than a 4-star average rating. However, at this time we have chosen not to pursue a relationship with the BBB. While we work to resolve any consumer complaints or concerns submitted to the BBB, we do not believe paying for an accreditation improves our customer service in any way. It has never made sense to us why an organization committed to advancing consumer trust charges companies thousands of dollars in accreditation fees to secure a positive rating. While we do respond to any and all complaints issued through them, we encourage consumers to contact us directly with complaints to ensure that any issues they may be having are resolved quickly and without the hassle of a middleman. As the most active online marketplace to buy, sell and rent timeshares, with the most traffic and offers, we are very good at what we do.

“I haven’t received any offers on my timeshare.”

It can be frustrating not to see immediate results once your advertisement is posted. First, make sure to double check that all of your contact information is correct. If it is and if a faster sale is important to you, consider lowering your asking price to compete more closely with other similar advertisements. The lower your asking price, the better chance a buyer will pick it up quickly. If selling quickly is not a priority for you, consider waiting as new buyers enter the market every day and the right one may just not have come along yet for your particular ownership.

Once you do have a buyer, we will forward you to closing. Our preferred closing company, Timeshare Closing Services, will handle all the paperwork, have the buyer place the money into a secure escrow account and disperse the funds to you via certified check. Customer Care

For the duration of your advertising subscription,’s Customer Care advocates will be in constant contact with you. If you ever have a question or concern during the resale process, they are always available to assist you. Depending on the subscription you select, offers made on your ad will be fielded by a licensed real estate agent for accuracy and legitimacy or sent to you directly. If you have elected to have a licensed real estate agent field offers for you, they will also handle all contact with the buyer before the closing process.

When you sign up for’s services, the company can assist you with more than just placing an advertisement on our website.’s timeshare resale specialists can also refer you to affiliated closing services, to include the transfer and escrow of funds. The closing company ensures that the Resort Notification paperwork is completed and submitted to the timeshare resort, absolving the seller from all legal financial responsibility of their timeshare ownership.

Additional Concerns

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