How Does Sell My Timeshare Now Work?

At, we want to make sure our customers understand how our services work. We can help you sell your timeshare in five basic steps. This step-by-step process demonstrates our services for sellers, including how Sell My Timeshare Now works and what factors go into selling a timeshare, how long the process typically takes, and what additional benefits there are to working with

  1. Choose a Package Plan.
    When you decide to sell your timeshare with, a Resort Specialist will help walk you through what paperwork you will need to obtain and determine which type of advertising package you qualify for. The package is based on what services you want and which property you currently own.

  2. Create an Advertisement.
    Once you have selected a package, SellMyTimeshareNow will create the advertisement you want for your property. Your ad will include the asking price you have decided on, unit and ownership information, and photographs.’s marketing department will provide a quality ad with the greatest exposure to potential buyers in the market. You are in control of your ad, and may call the customer service team at any time to change the information regarding your timeshare.

  3. Post-Ad Communication.
    Once your property goes live in our resale marketplace you or a licensed real estate agent (depending on the package you selected) will field offers on your timeshare unit. Depending on your advertising package, you or an agent will contact the potential buyer to move forward with the offer.

  4. Accepting an Offer.
    You are in complete control of your unit. Whether you field all incoming offers or you leave that to an agent, you get to decide which offers you wish to pass on and which offer you will take. The agents are merely facilitators and helpful resources.

  5. Closing Process.
    Once you have accepted an offer, you and the buyer will be referred to a licensed, bonded closing company. If you have chosen to work with a real estate agent, they will take care of all the necessary paperwork to make it a legitimate sale for all parties, including the timeshare resort. A title search will be conducted, the resort will be contacted for all necessary information and paperwork, and a purchase and sales contract will be submitted. Once everything is in order, the closing company will facilitate the submission of final paperwork and money transfer.

Besides providing reliable services, SellMyTimeshareNow differs from other timeshare resale companies in the industry for a few reasons. First, ranks highest on Google for timeshare resale advertisements, giving your timeshare the highest exposure possible. Unlike other resale companies, SellMyTimeshareNow assists with more than just advertising; we assist with the full process, from advertising to closing referrals (including transfer and escrow) and can refer you to affiliated broker services.

If you have any additional questions about how Sell My Timeshare Now’s services work, please contact us at 1-844-202-3503 or visit our customer service page.

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